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Jack Lassen is a former school teacher and current prison guard at the Springfield Penitentiary. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Datei; Dateiversionen; Dateiverwendung. Datei: Jack pokeramerican2.win Größe dieser Vorschau: × Pixel. Animation · Bart tricks his family into a camping trip at a strange event known as " Blazing Guy" so . When Edne Krabapple's (Marcia Wallace) replacement, a sadistic temporary teacher Jack Lassen (Willem Dafoe) gives Bart a humiliating.

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Krabappel Otto Mann Ms. I really enjoyed Willem Dafoe's guest role in this episode, he played an interesting character and I would like to hopefully see him again some day, the cameo at the end was also one of the episodes highlights and is a promising new set up for a future episode. Matt Groening created by , James L. Views Read Edit View history. Jack, bevor die Batterien völlig am Ende sind , lass uns alles abschalten, um soviel wie möglich für den Wiedereintritt zu sparen. Bart and Milhouse use fire retardant substance to make sure that the effigy will not light, therefore ruining Mr. jack lassen


The Simpsons: Jack Lassen gets fired [Clip]


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